The Violence of Marty Rathbun & His Cult Militia

Where chaos reigns violent anti-Scientologist Marty Rathbun is there.

Modeled after religious cult militias which make their home bases across the rural Midwest and desert Southwest, Rathbun makes his base in Texas.

And, like the cult militia whose members the FBI arrested in Michigan in 2010, Rathbun fancies himself  "born again" in his messianic zeal and rage against his former, established religion.

Steve Hall: The Man Who Tells It Straight from the Straitjacket

Steve Hall was a writer for the Church who left in 2004.”

—A television tabloid host’s on-air introduction of Steve Hall

Also by way of an introduction, Steve Hall is both Marty Rathbun’s “Web Master” and “Internet Guru.”

Defrocked Apostates: THE ROAD TO REDEMPTION

Does the Scientology Justice system include any mechanism for one to atone for criminal misconduct when it is of such biblical proportions? The answer is yes.

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