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The Violence of Marty Rathbun & His Cult Militia

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Other times, his features contorted, Rathbun is slamming a car door on an investigative reporter, knocking him down with a packed suitcase, and, gouging welts on the face of a documentary filmmaker.

And - on even other occasions - he's drunk and trying to storm his way past a Bourbon Street bouncer, or, being cited for trespassing after butting into a security guard.

To the casual observer Rathbun's violence seems to erupt from nowhere - always unprovoked.

Steve Hall - A Biography

>> Steve Hall: A former Church of Scientology scriptwriter with a dismal production record. He serves as “webmaster” for the Rathbun “Posse” and ekes out a living scooping doggie droppings from suburban lawns.

Steve Hall: The Man Who Tells It Straight from the Straitjacket

Steve Hall was a writer for the Church who left in 2004.”

—A television tabloid host’s on-air introduction of Steve Hall

Also by way of an introduction, Steve Hall is both Marty Rathbun’s “Web Master” and “Internet Guru.”

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